How to Set up Your Own X Rocker Gaming Chair

How to Set up Your Own X Rocker Gaming ChairA gaming chair is one of the best ways to relax yourself while you are playing a game, watching a movie or even simply resting. A perfect gaming chair with high features would help you to enjoy a movie or listen to music without any kind of disturbance. They are relaxing, comfortable to sit because of the movable head rest, extremely soft seats and the mesh lining which is breathable. The gaming chairs are available in different colors, shapes, designs and even specifications. They are the best options when technology is the only thing in mind. Surround sound speakers, wireless connections to the gaming consoles, subwoofers, multiplayer audio output are some of the best features of a gaming chair. Different brands of gaming chairs have come into market which are really good for the best gaming experience.

Why X Rocker is a Popular Choice of the Gamers

X Rocker is one of the most admired brands of gaming chairs that is quite popular in market. Its specifications, comfort level and its functionalities make this a widely accepted brand in this domain. Developed by Ace Bayou in USA these chairs are extremely comfortable to sit and can allow you tilt or swivel for best comfort. It is stylish in looks and can provide both support and comfort at the same time. You can immerse in your world and spend your own leisure time with the help of this chair. Their modern design along with the ability to rest head and sit comfortably makes this a brand worth of purchase. You can visit to read more review of X Rocker gaming chair!

Audio Force Modulation technology:

This is the most important feature which comprises of ported subwoofers and speakers that are used to magnify the sound. The open space along with the frame inside the X Rocker is used by the speakers, woofers who can provide you the best sensory experience. Listening to music, watching a movie or playing games is fun where the vibrating audio intensifies your fun.

Ability to connect to a variety of media:

It can easily connect to most of the media and thus you can enjoy more of the gifts of the technology just by sitting on the chair. The X Rocker gaming chairs can connect to iPods, DVD players, PS3 and thus you can have double fun.

High quality of sound systems:

The incorporation of speakers, subwoofers in the gaming chair makes this the best one for experiencing the complete media. The chairs are designed in such a way that the sound can be amplified, enhanced for the best quality of audio experience. The four built in speakers along with the subwoofers make this the best chair for vibration experience with high quality of audio outputs.

How to Set up Your Own X Rocker Gaming Chair?

How to set up your own X Rocker gaming chair is the question that you might be wondering about after you bought the advanced chair. Setting up the chair is not at all a difficult task and you can very easily do it in 10 to 15 minutes. For setting up your gaming chair you need your X Rocker gaming chair, audio cables, one power cable. A video cable is also needed to connect the gaming system to the television. With the help of these simple steps you can easily set up your gaming chair:

  • At first you need to unfold the chair after taking it out from the box. Try to handle the device with care and do not let it fall off. Keep it folded and avoid touching the sides as the speaker can get damaged.
  • Next you need to see the set up diagram of the X Rocker gaming chair and remove the accessories from the box. You need to install the arms carefully and turn the chair so that you can easily identify the input output panels. The back and the seat of the chair must be in an erect position and should be locked in place.
  • Position the gaming chair in a proper way and try to locate and identify the AV cables. The cables are of red, yellow and white colors and you need to follow the system with the corresponding jack of that color.
  • The yellow cable end should be connected to the video jack that is behind the television set. The jack or may not be yellow in color, so you must carefully insert it in the appropriate jack. You need to be careful with this step. After matching the yellow one, you need to connect the red and white one to the gaming chair itself. You can very easily locate the audio input jacks that are on the side of the gaming chair.
  • After this try to find the DC power plug connection to the right side of the gaming chair. It is generally present to the right side of the audio jack. You need to insert it into the appropriate jack and the other end to the power outlet. All the plugs should be inserted in their proper places before you go for the DC power plug connection.
  • In the next step you need to turn on the gaming system, your television and the X Rocker gaming chair. You can adjust the volume of the sound through the knobs present on the side of the gaming chair to control the volume and have an enriching experience with the audio.

The X Rocker gaming chair is one of the best options that people prefer for its functionalities and high level of comfort. But if you are worried about how to set up your own X Rocker gaming chair you need not to worry any more as these steps will help you to set it up quite easily. The user manual guide can also help you if you face some difficulties while installing the chair. So, bring this home today, set it up and have a pleasurable gaming experience.

Best Computer Gaming Chairs

Best Computer Gaming ChairsWhen someone is sitting in front of a personal computer, they want to ensure that they are as comfortable as possible. This is especially the case when in the middle of an intense computer gaming session. Hunching over and staring into a super bright, HD display has never been a pleasant experience. Such a person will need a high-quality gaming chair to get him/her by. Below is a look at some of the best computer gaming chairs. Each of them has cool features for enhancing a player’s game experience.

DXRacer Gaming Chair

The DXRacer is a sharp looking gaming chair that is available in a variety of color and styles. It can be bought with either cloth, vinyl or patented race-car seat upholstery, which is a breathable, luxurious option. These chairs are quite popular in the eSports world as DXRacer manufactures stylish chairs while bearing ergonomic designs in mind. All DXRacer chairs are equipped with a high straight backrest, with most having an adjustable lumbar and neck pillows. The company’s PVC-made recliner Esport chair has a flexible back that can be adjusted to up to 180 degrees, as well as tilt mechanism, fully adjustable arm-rests and adjustable height gas spring.

Air-Grid Leather Chair

The Air-Grid Leather Chair is a well-put together, solid chair that looks excellent in any office setup. Its tilt tension, height and adjustable arms facilitate a healthier sitting posture for PC gaming. The industrial-strength wheels and soft arm pads nicely rounds out this chair. Its leather seat with a meshed back offers an excellent combination of breath-ability and comfort.

Aeron Chair

Made by Herman Miller, the Aeron chair is among the best ergonomic chairs to be found on the market. The company is the true pioneer of ergonomic chairs, exclusively supplying premium quality office chairs. The chair features a sleek and beautiful look, as well as high-tech mesh fabric that keep a PC game player cool even through an extended gaming session. The chair offers nine color options. In addition to keeping the chair breath-able, the material distributes the user’s weight evenly. Its waterfall seat edge promotes an ergonomic posture further. The chair is globally ergonomic as it is equipped with several adjustment mechanisms. It automatically adjusts to the user’s posture when he/she shifts positions in the chair.

Flash Furniture

Flash manufactures some of the most affordable ergonomic office chairs to be found on the market. For PC gaming enthusiasts looking for cheaper ergonomically designed chairs, the company has two terrific options. Its Mid-Back Black-Mesh Chair is an excellent one size fits all’ chair with enough ventilation and adjustment mechanisms to keep someone comfortable though extended gaming periods. For gamers who are into leather, there is the Black-Leather Executive Office Chair that has a slightly higher back. For those searching for a chair with no wheels, they can go for the Flash Back Leather Guest Chair. This chair has a classy black finished frame, with contoured and textured cushions that enhance its aesthetic appeal nicely. It is light in weight, something that makes it easy for it to be moved to the next room or around the user’s desk set up. The chair’ cushions are thick while the arm rests are padded in order to offer a gamer maximum comfort.

Ergohuman Mesh-Ergonomic Chair

With its one-of-a-kind back support modules, the Ergohuman Mesh-Ergonomic chair takes comfort during gaming to a whole new level. It is one of those office chairs that are quite expensive. For the gamers who are tired of black chairs, it is available in various colors that all look appealing and fresh. The chair’s full mesh design makes it quite breathable. For those whom love the leather feel, it is also available in full leather. In addition, it looks rather futuristic with its chrome design and multiple support points. The gaming chair is totally adjustable considering that its arms are height adjustable while the armpads can slide back-and-forth. Its high back delivers support for the user all the way to a module for neck support.

Gamers who wish to immerse themselves in each game they play needs to try the above cushy gaming chairs. Nowadays, it seems as if many gamers are replacing their old couches with console gaming chairs. This is because these chairs are more comfortable, offering an excellent gaming experience.

Top 4 Best Gaming Chair Brands of 2014

If you are an avid video game lover, you must have bought the best gaming chair brand to play video games in 2014. Many hardly realize how fast time passes while playing and because of many hours of playing, back pain starts to appear in the body. However, one can bypass these problems with gaming chairs that meant to help gamers.

One should choose the best gaming chair brand based on the features, durability, functions, design, etc. Below are four best gaming chair brands for your computer or gaming consoles to help you out with selecting the right chair for your needs.

Top 4 Best Gaming Chair Brands of 2014

1. Cohesion Video Game Chairs

Cohesion’s video game chairs are ideal chair to enjoy the racing game experience. If you love racing games and want to feel the excitement, this brand is your first choice. The chairs elegantly designed and the armrest is perfect for a weary arm after long hours playing. The chairs offer a comfortable gaming experience and suit the body lineaments well. Although people praised Cohesion for their design and comfort of the chairs, some feel their sound quality is not great and they could do something to improve the sound quality to give the gamers a complete gaming experience.

2. X Rocker Video Game Chairs

In the last few years, X Rocker video game chairs achieved a great success in this industry. It is the most popular gaming chair in 2014 and aims to make your gaming experience rational. It is easy to set-up and you can install the chair within ten minutes once you bring home one. There is hardly any interference whatsoever since it wirelessly connected. The chair is very responsive to the moves you make while playing the game and adapt the movements very fast. Another exciting thing of the chair is it vibrates according to the sound of the game, something that its competitors might consider in the future.

3. DX Racer PC Gaming Chair

Adult gamers particularly find this brand comfortable for playing PC games. Their chairs are expansive and include chrome rails. It suits people looking for larger chairs to make gaming experience comfortable. The chairs surrounded by controls and have a remote control, which makes easy to alter settings. You can select from the many options available depending on functionality you need to play a game. Many find features like comfortable seating arrangement, off ground base, adjustable swivel and tilt and flexibility quite interesting. DX Racer backed many PC games in the past like Dota 2, Starcraft 2, etc.

4. Playseat Video Game Chairs

If you love elegance, then Playseat should definitely have a place on your list. They make advanced and professional chairs, ideal for playing console games. Since NASCAR licenses them, it is enough to understand the racing experience it should offer. An interesting thing is that they have a patented steering wheel, which is also adjustable. The wheel plate suits almost every type of wheels and includes a quick release handle that makes adjustments easy on any height or length. The chairs also contain two knobs, which allow changing positions easily by twisting the knobs and a telescopic steering column, which helps changing potions quickly.